welcome to ISJ

I founded Iva Stojkovic Jewelry brand in 2009 and I have been producing contemporary style jewelry since then. Before that, during childhood I was making beaded jewelry and I can proudly say that this experience made me more patient then anything. Sanding and polishing a piece of metal is nothing compare to hours and hours of beading…I love fashion, but what I don’t like are fashion trends. I always try to avoid them as much as I can so after three collections of hi-tech jewelry made out of plexiglas and screws, I decided to make a U-turn and go for completely different type of jewelry. I made another three collections but this time it was all about fine, elegant and feminine jewelry made out of stainless steel Venetian chain and anodised aluminum. I am inspired by architecture, interior design, product design, industry, geometry…I am always learning, love to explore different type of materials and techniques and I hope to bring you always fresh original signature pieces from my small studio.
Iva Stojković