necklace 05.77.


Material: aluminum, stainless steel, plexiglas
Length: 36 cm + 7,5 cm
10 mm (width) x 80 mm (length) x 10 mm (height)
10 mm (width) x 60 mm (length) x 10 mm (height)
10 mm (width) x 40 mm (length) x 10 mm (height)
Packing: cardboard box with velour inside and a satin bow


Stainless steel Venetian chain is coated in silver colour. Aluminium tubes are hand made and anodised. The bar is hand made in Plexiglas, which is an industrially produced material similar to glass. Chain is waterproof and will not change colour.

Chain and tube are always silver while you can choose Plexiglas bar colour.

If you would like custom made colour combinations or you need your parcel urgently don’t hesitate to contact us.

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The invoice does not come in the parcel but via e-mail you state during ordering. If you would like a printed copy, be sure to mention that while making order.